What to do on a first year dating anniversary

23-Feb-2018 18:27

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“We’re finding that politics are becoming a bigger deal-breaker today,” Hobley said, “maybe the most they’ve been in many years, and certainly since the inception of dating apps.” OKCupid allows singles to review each other’s answers to questions about everything from personality type to preferences in the bedroom.

In February, after OKCupid noticed an uptick in interest related to politics, the company added 14 political questions, among them: “Do you believe we should ‘build a wall?

” Of OKCupid’s estimated 2.5 million monthly users, more than a million answered the question, with 65 percent responding either “no” or “hell no.” (Trump won about 46 percent of the popular vote.) Match.com‘s “Singles in America” survey released in February found that about 80 percent of its 5,500 respondents who discovered on a third date that a suitor had a political affiliation different from their own wouldn’t be bothered at all or only “a little.” Leib, for instance, is open to dating Clinton voters.

In fact, a bigger turnoff for him is someone who didn’t vote at all.

“She stopped in her tracks and said, ‘You know what, Bryan?

This has been a lot of fun, but I think we’re two completely different people,’” Leib, 32, of Center City, recalled.

She said the app prompts every user to respond to the question: “Do you enjoy discussing politics?

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What once was a bullet point in a list of get-to-know-you questions may now be an asterisk.

He was married for 75 years to Yuriko, Princess Mikasa, who is 94.