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The first album Tupac made for Death Row, "All Eyez on Me," which was released in early 1996, sold over five million units.Tupac had made three earlier albums, but they had never reached the stratosphere of "quintuple platinm." Still, the days preceding his murder were anything but halcyon for him.They spent over a year amassing the wide variety of lots for this auction running online from Nov 22 to Dec 1st.

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His handwritten love letters to a woman named Simi Chouhan from prison could fetch ,000 each.BY CONNIE BRUCK HEN twenty-five-year-old Tupac Shakur was shot and killed in Las Vegas last fall, he was riding in the passenger seat of B. Death Row, the leading purveyor of West Coast "gangsta rap," is a music-business phenomenon.The company earned seventy-five million dollars in revenues last year.Ed Kosinski, co-owner of Gotta Have Rock and Roll, said: 'I'm pretty excited for many reasons, it's the biggest and most important collection of Tupac material ever to come up for auction.'We have handwritten letters and lyrics, unreleased recordings no one has ever heard, to jewellery, his death certificate and more, we have a tremendous amount of Tupac material.

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'We also have Tupac's only nude photograph with copyright too, then many other incredible items.'We have contracts that Tupac had to sign in prison to personal letters sent to a girlfriend while he was in prison.'We have one of his gun charms and a photograph of him wearing the charm as a necklace.'I found this particularly interesting and if I was a collector I would love to own it.'No one has ever seen anything like this ever before and these are very important items like handwritten lyrics, letters, poetry, bandanas and more.'We have so many items that a museum should be interested in, from his death certificate to writings and a lot of autographs and other items collectors should enjoy too.'He is the most iconic rapper, his whole story is legendary and these items have never come onto the market.'He's extremely collectible and a movie came out last year, with another one is in the works - there is an incredible amount of interest in Tupac.'There's a lot of cool stuff, there has been very little Tupac stuff on the market, we expect a lot of interest and for the items to do very well.'Gotta Have Rock and Roll is an online auction site devoted to pop art and rock and roll, launched in 2008.One man told me about a negotiation he had in the apparent safety of his own office.