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Just a note: if you’re planning to ask a question, that’s perfectly fine, but please adhere to these guidelines: Thanks! By default, when you create a child object from a related list, only the parent lookup field is defaulted and filled in.Often times it is extremely useful to have some of these other fields filled in.

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customer phone number data that has grown over a period of time with new numbers added at the bottom of the list.There comes a time when you are slapped with a sheet of data and need to sum every other row in it (dont ask me why, it happens, for eg.when you copy paste your credit card statement in excel), Ofcourse, we can always type the sum function with all those arguments, but we would rather chomp on that donut while excel does the dirty work for us.(just enter 1 and 0 in 2 rows, select both of them and drag till the end of the table).

Now we can use this column to test our condition by writing the sumif function as [learn how you can highlight alternative rows / columns in an excel table] Often when you are working on data spread across multiple sheets, it helps to know how many times each item on one list is repeated in another list(s).

Iterate over each field required and set accordingly.