Principal forbid interracial dating

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They also argued that African Americans, Indians, poor people, criminals, prostitutes, and alcoholics all suffered from inferior genes.For this reason, many eugenicists maintained, it was critically important that whites not mix with supposedly inferior races.Judge Holt refused to issue the license, finding sufficient evidence that Johns was at least part African American.He did, however, note the ways in which the case suggested problems with the Racial Integrity Act.In 1923, the Anglo-Saxon Clubs suggested that a new racial integrity bill be enacted, and the group's motivation, in part, was for the law to catch up with how government officials such as Plecker were already behaving with regard to race. In its original form, it required that all Virginians fill out a certificate of racial composition to be approved by the Bureau of Vital Statistics.

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The Senate eventually amended the bill to make such certificates voluntary for all people born before June 14, 1912, or when the Bureau of Vital Statistics was established.(Eugenics was later widely discredited as pseudoscience.)In part in order to accomplish this separation of races, the state found it necessary to keep track of who was white, black, and Indian.From 1853 until 1896, Virginia required that all births and marriages be recorded, and that the race of all parties be noted.Testifying before Judge , and Silas Coleman, a resident of Amherst County, provided anecdotal corroboration.

Johns's attorney argued that those family members referred to as "colored" were, in fact, Indian, an ambiguity common to nineteenth-century record keeping.

Although nonmarital relationships were commonplace, interracial marriages that legally recognized any such relationship had been prohibited in Virginia since 1691, and declared "absolutely void" since 1849; still, whites, blacks, and Indians in Virginia sometimes married.