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The documents that you submit add weight to your cause but may not necessarily mean that police will approve your application.

The police may make inquiry with your neighbours, building watchmen and others to ascertain whether you are living at the current residence for past 12 months.

The first step to police verification is a police constable visiting your residence.

It is important that you are present personally to sign the verification documents.

[I was also pleased to see Lisa tweet some points of contention over the awful NY Times education editorial - I'll try to recover them and add them to a follow-up piece later.] One interesting point that Lisa doesn't mention is how few of the kids enrolled come from the neighborhood the school is located in -- I believe less than 5%.

She does point out that kids come from as far away as Rockaway -- truly astounding when you think of the commute for little kids.

Parents Opposed to Citizens of the World Charter: Hundreds, Parents in Favor: 4. would allow the Hitler Youth Charter to breeze through and not only would they authorize the Ku Klux Klan Charter School for Racial Harmony but they would wash the sheets. We believe that there is a place in public education for charter schools, but Citizens of the World is bastardizing the original intent of charter schools. The opinions expressed on Ed Notes Online are solely those of Norm Scott and are not to be taken as official positions (though Unity Caucus/New Action slugs will try to paint ...

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Trashing Citizens of the World Scam Charter Scheme.

I love that she gives recognition to Brooke Parker and WAGPOPS for the work they do in defending the local public schools in Williamsburg and Greenpoint.