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Some Americans at the next table were wondering if their ‘plane reservations for home were soon enough. I went down to the dock and hired a boat and put as much lake as possible between myself and Mr. I’d brought on my trip as part of my baggage a viewpoint as out of date as Mandel’s.

I had an open mind but it turned out to be open in the wrong places, at the wrong hours.

At this point whoever you happen to be asking holds up his hand and the conversation is stopped. But Eisenhower spoke for all four of them when he told the Germans that we were coming not as liberators but as conquerors. The borders had been marked out before but now we started digging the trenches.

“Nobody”, you are told, “can stop the German people from wanting to amount to something.” And of course, nobody’s trying to. It isn’t any use pointing out that encouraging the Germans doesn’t need to be the same thing as encouraging the Nazis. A shifting of attitudes toward Germany followed, and on our side the very purpose of the Occupation was totally altered.

They are the eyes of a shrewd hunter, but you surprise in them a curious pallid emptiness—a dead spot.

It is as though the centre of a target were painted white, or like the vacuum in the heart of a tornado. “Wait and see what happens this time.” Mandel again.

, and in this form (under the title ‘Thoughts on Germany’ ) they constitute one of the most remarkable examples of Welles’s polemical writing, very much in the manner of his pieces from the mid-1940s in the “Arm the Germans again? Still blinking from it, you’d journeyed down from Berlin, and, in a break in the journey, you’d come upon this real, live munitions maker.

Everybody watched him do this, waiting for the oracle to speak again. “If the Russians should march west to-day—they’d cross the Rhine tomorrow.” In Germany you were almost blinded by the glare of that political reality.

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Both sides know that constructive peace cannot begin in Europe as long as Germany is cut in two.He took the cigar from its holder, carefully extinguished it, and sat back, staring across the Lake of Como at nothing.