How to help victims of dating violence

28-Sep-2017 00:46

There are some people who lose control and act abusively after they have been drinking or taking drugs. Just because someone is under the influence of drugs and alcohol, or has a bad temper doesn’t mean that their abusive behavior is okay.Even though there are reasons why a person may be violent, there is no excuse for dating violence.Dating violence involves a pattern of behavior in which one person uses threats, or physical, sexual, verbal, or emotional abuse to control his/her partner.Most people don’t realize how common dating violence actually is.

It can be hard to get out of a violent relationship – you can’t just turn off your feelings for someone you care about. After a person is abusive, they may be extra nice and apologetic, and promise never to do it again. Other reasons it can be hard to get out of an abusive relationship include: People who are abused often believe that if they are nice enough, or behave well enough, their girlfriend or boyfriend will stop being violent – NOT TRUE.

Dating violence can be emotional, physical, or both.

Some people believe that emotional abuse isn’t as serious as physical abuse, but this isn’t true.

Domestic violence is a pattern of coercive tactics, which can include physical, psychological, sexual, economic and emotional abuse, perpetrated by one person against an adult intimate partner, with the goal of establishing and maintaining power and control over the victim. Finding Safety and Support is a comprehensive guide for both survivors and helpers with up-to-date information about the problem of adult domestic violence, safety planning, and getting help from domestic violence services, the police, and the courts.

Domestic violence is also called domestic abuse, intimate partner violence, or dating violence. People most often think of domestic violence as physical abuse, but that’s only part of the picture.

It can help us learn communication skills and can help us determine what we are looking for in a partner.