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04-Jan-2018 19:27

Fortunately, there are a few pieces of advice that can help you increase your chances of obtaining a date with another queer person.Being queer, your potential dating pool is roughly 5 percent of the population - a potentially terrifying statistic!Although some people may not be out or open about their homosexuality, queer people inhabit every corner of the Earth.Negative thoughts and attitudes will merely cause you to limit yourself and distract you from approaching that cute lesbian from down the street or that attractive androgynous person from the bar.We realize that some small, conservative towns may not have queer bars, but there are plenty of other great places, groups, and events that every town and city have that create opportunities to meet other queer people.1: · Community theater groups · Activist groups / charity events / volunteering for a cause · Church · The gym · Coffee shops · University & colleges (for college-aged queers) Although there are more gay specific events, like gay pride parades in large cities, these events tend to be more short-term and alcohol centered.When looking for someone, think about which traits and characteristics are important to you. Specific questions can limit your options, so think of general qualities that are important to you in a partner.You may have even convinced yourself that other queers do not exist in your small community. There are dozens of factors, such as color of skin, social class, and age that could possibly disenfranchise you from the dating pool; so, claiming queerness as an excuse for remaining single is unreasonable.

For instance, what you decide to wear to a club could vary greatly from what you would look like at church.

For example, going to a bar alone while trying to meet someone may be a little awkward.

Meanwhile, going with one other friend could lead others to assume that they are a romantic couple.

Preventing people from getting to know you may make it hard for you to acquire dates.

Additionally, potential partners can fall in love with these alternate versions of you.However, people that come off too strong can distract people, they should take the time to attend social events, and make it known to potential suitors that they are interested in a romantic date.

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