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11-May-2018 20:20

But more newly, and impressively, it could mean using partner-finding smartphone apps such as Smartdate that allow online daters to see their relative distance to other registered users, of any sexual orientation, highlighted on a map.Users can view profiles and communicate with other users, bringing online interactive dating to the street, in public, without having to initiate visible communication until privacy is achieved.To look at the different aspects of online dating in Egypt, several users of online dating facilities agreed to share their stories with Egypt Independent, although most requested some form of anonymity.

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“The internet and technology has enabled people, not only with dating, but with everything else, to attempt to break out of restrictions imposed on them by their physical surroundings and culture,” says Adam.Others — sometimes seemingly conservative Muslims, with profile pictures showing a complete veil — are stuck at home with their parents until they get married and are looking for someone to help them move out.Other users are often looking simply to meet someone new of the opposite sex who they can hang out with and engage in conversations that they are unable to have with their friends.Strangely, though, not very much is ever said about online dating in Egypt, to the extent that one might believe that it doesn’t occur.

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But after spending hours on the net inquiring — for the sake of the article, of course — it appears online dating is also extremely common in Egypt: either for a friendly date, a one-night stand, or even to find a spouse, with some users opting to decide to get married even before meeting in person.

“It has created platforms for people to be the person that they are unable to in their homes and local communities.” Many stigmas remain about online dating and finding a match through the internet, but in a society riddled with traditional barriers to dating and social pressures to marry, online dating might be a very practical solution.