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Collegio in occasione della vacanza dell'Apostolica Sede" (10 January, 1878).

As a matter of fact these precautions, taken in view of the danger of interference by secular governments, have so far been unnecessary, and elections of popes take place as they always did since the law of the conclave became finally effective.

The first conclave lasted only a day and the next but seven days.

Unfortunately there were three popes in the very year succeeding the death of Gregory X (1276).

3, in VI°, I, 6), since which time all papal elections have taken place in conclave.

Pope Gregory XI in 1378 empowered the cardinals (for that occasion only) to proceed to an election outside of conclave, but they did not do so.

But his health restored, he might re-enter the conclave and take up the business where he found it.

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If these five days elapsed without an election, only bread, wine, and water should be their fare.

Pius IV by the Bull "In Eligendis" (1562) provided that the election might take place either in or out of the conclave, but this was revoked by Gregory XIII.

This liberty of action is found again in the legislation (1798) of Pius VI (Quum nos superiore anno) which leaves it in the power of the cardinals to modify the rules of the conclave touching enclosure, etc.

key; a place that may be securely closed) The closed room or hall specially set aside and prepared for the cardinals when electing a pope; also the assembly of the cardinals for the canonical execution of this purpose.

In its present form the conclave dates from the end of the thirteenth century.The second, Adrian V, did not live long enough to incorporate in an authoritative act his openly expressed opinion of the conclave.