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They were cool people, and I found a lot to admire in them and the religion they follow. As a matter of fact, I was at the Temple in Wilmette this past Sunday; what a wonderful place.

But I could never embrace the Baha'i faith personally, mainly because of their goal of one world theocratic government, but also because of their exclusion of gays and lesbians, and the exclusion of women from their highest echelons, the Universal House of Justice, even though they espouse racial, sexual, and religious tolerance and equality. And while our actual numbers are small -Baha'is make up about 1/10 of 1% of the world's population- Baha'i is the second most widespread religion in the world, behind Christianity.

JDisagree all you want, but the fact remains that the Baha'i faith was started in Iran by Shia Muslims, and many Muslims still view it as a breakaway heretic sect of Islam.

I don't currently know any Baha'i in my area, but used to have a few Baha'i friends when I lived in New Orleans.

Part of the reason Baha'i isn't as well known as other faiths: active proselytizing is forbidden; Baha'is spread their Faith by the example they set.

And yes, the Shi'a Muslim theocracy in Iran is very, very hard on their Baha'i population; Baha'is are imprisioned w/out representation, subject to confiscation of any and all property, and even execution. Been to the temple in Haifa, Israel, one of the most beautiful buildings I've seen ... If there are any Bahai locally, men or women, would like to be friends.

saw people there, noticed the expression in their eyes... In the sense that there are established Baha'i communities in more countries than for any other religion save Christianity.

While most religions have greater numbers of believers, they grow slowly from the country or reigion of where they were initially established.

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The Bahai Faith is not well known; it is a small religion originating in Persia and comes from the Judeo-Christian-Muslim tradition.just one thing to add at the end: if you wanna follow a religion, that's it!