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Old-earthers put land mammals before whales contrary to biblical claims.Many such examples show it is impossible to add long periods of time into the biblical account without seriously damaging the doctrine of inerrancy.Thus, when the navy pressed for a "southern" strategy of attacking Dutch Indonesia to get its oil and British Malaya to control its rubber, the army agreed.While it seems that economic factors were important in Japanese expansion in East Asia, it would be too much to say that colonialism, trade protection, and the American embargo compelled Japan to take this course.Domestic politics, ideology and racism also played a role.Domestic Politics The political structure of Japan at this time was inherited from the Meiji era and was increasingly dominated by the military.

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Meanwhile in 1937, the intensification of Chinese resistance to the pressure of the Japanese military drew Japan into a draining war in the vast reaches of China proper, and in 1940 into operations in French Indochina, far to the south.

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